So I'm starting a Star Guardians webcomic?

So I'm starting a Star Guardians webcomic?

Maybe? Probably? Seems likely? Good grief, do I not have enough projects and ideas and comics going already... ANYWAY I reserve the right to blame @Obscurica for this entirely, the bastard started a poll to make me do it.

If (when?) this happens I'll do up an intro chapter of 10 pages or so setting up the basic story outline, main characters and premise. Once that's done I'll look into some way of gauging interest in continuing the comic and maybe integrating into my Patreon.

Anyway, I'm gonna get started on actually DRAWING the thing and I'll post it once I have finished the introductory chapter. If you're a Patron over on my Patreon you'll get to see the pages as they're completed.

As a bit of a teaser before I start pumping out actual art, here's the first couple of pages of my preparatory notes outlining the premise and characters [ . . . ]

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