So I'm starting a Star Guardians webcomic?

Maybe? Probably? Seems likely? Good grief, do I not have enough projects and ideas and comics going already... ANYWAY I reserve the right to blame @Obscurica for this entirely, the bastard started a poll to make me do it.

If (when?) this happens I'll do up an intro chapter of 10 pages or so setting up the basic story outline, main characters and premise. Once that's done I'll look into some way of gauging interest in continuing the comic and maybe integrating into my Patreon.

Anyway, I'm gonna get started on actually DRAWING the thing and I'll post it once I have finished the introductory chapter. If you're a Patron over on my Patreon you'll get to see the pages as they're completed.

As a bit of a teaser before I start pumping out actual art, here's the first couple of pages of my preparatory notes outlining the premise and characters.


Lux as the solo Guardian fairly comfortable in her role beating up monsters and saving the day as an ordinary student at ??????? Academy by day and Star Guardian Lux also by day and sometimes by night. Until one day, while beating the crap out of Monster Of The Week #467823, she gets ambushed by additional monsters and saved at the last minute by four mysterious The Rest Of The Star Guardians come to ?????? to join the defense in preparation for Vague Yet Menacing Future Threat.

Thus Lux' idyllic high school life was upended and thrown into chaos yadda yadda, anime intro plays, million dollar underground trade in body pillows, monster of the week pattern resumes but now with screwy team dynamics and adversarial romantic tension with Jinx.


LUX: Bouncy happy standard issue magical girl story protagonist. Clumsy when it's funny, also the most powerful Guardian with the greatest potential... maybe. Unrequited crush on Academy Vladimir born of misunderstanding his teenage edginess for depth of feeling.

JINX: Juvenile delinquent with a mean streak, high-powered weaponry and cosmic superpowers. Primarily interested in blowing sh** up but begrudgingly forced to act as Guardian by a nonspecific "contract" she signed. Bickers with Poppy, fondly tolerates Lulu, has wisely decided not to f*** with Janna. Considers Lux her "rival" in the sense that Lux is the only one of the Guardians who can blow things up more spectacularly than her. Has a history with Academy Darius. 

LULU: An airhead to the point where Janna has given her weighted shoes to stop her floating away. Deceptively powerful, but unfocused and easily distracted. Talks mostly to Pix (who non-Guardians cannot see) and therefore has few non-Guardian friends, making her sometimes a bit clingy with the other Guardians (especially Jinx). Has a tendency to cause flowers to grow in deeply counterintuitive places.

POPPY: Straight as an arrow and every bit as deadly in direct confrontation. Deeply conscientious about her Duty as a Guardian, and, given the stakes, rather intolerant of anyone who takes their duty less seriously than her. Strives for academic excellence but just can't seem to get a hang of the sciences. Rather high-strung, airs her frustrations mostly in combat - consequently tends to be in high spirits after killing a monster. Deeply protective of Lulu (though she won't admit it) and deeply mistrustful of Jinx. Respects Janna to a fault, and Lux a little less than she should.

JANNA: She's been everywhere, seen everything, and killed quite a lot of it. After long years of vigilance and warfare, she's quietly getting weary, but with all that she has sacrificed for the Guardians so far she's not about to shirk her duties just yet. Acting as a moral compass and mentor for her young charges rather than a leader (that role is fought over by Lux and Poppy — well, MOSTLY Poppy), she tends to be a quiet, calming presence in the team when tempers flare. It doesn't hurt that everyone except Lulu is terrified by what Janna can do when she gets angry.