Rescheduling Comics by Scott McCloud


It is not news to anyone that Caster Comix have been sporadic and infrequent since pretty much for always. And there are reasons for that, like my mental health and the general randomness of an amoral universe.

It's telling about the kind of person that I am, though, that the primary thing that keeps me from trying to organize my life with a schedule is the fear that I will not be able to organize my life around a schedule.

That is, if I can't make every aspect of my life conform perfectly to the schedule, the schedule becomes a failure and a black mark on my worth as a human being.

My point being, I have a schedule now. I'll try to keep it as much as I can. Oh, and also...

It's Time To Cover Another Esport

I loves me some LCS but esports is a big field. It's probably time to expand a little. So, time permitting, I'll be trying to catch the Overwatch League once it finally launches proper, and maybe doing some comics around that. I'm also thinking I should pay closer attention to Smash, and maybe get into a bit of Rocket League.

That's all rather ambitious though, so for now I'm going to try to

  1. do regular LCS comics
  2. expand into Overwatch League when it launches

I've laid a lot of organizational plans over the years that have fallen apart. There's nothing to do except try, try and try again until you hit on something that works.