Drunk Mike Pence

(writing assignment in class, rewrote an AP report to make Mike Pence drunk)

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence defended a military mom's right to criticize Donald Trump's comments about the Muslim parents of a slain U.S. Army veteran during a campaign stop in Nevada, and then lashed out at the media's coverage of the controversy at the next.

Pence quieted a crowd that was booing a woman who asked Pence at a town hall meeting in Carson City Monday how he could tolerate Trump's disrespect for American servicemen.

"look the khan guy's alright, alright? he's alright. i love him he's a he's a he's a good guy" Pence told a crowd at a Reno hotel-casino later that evening, emphasizing that Trump shares his view. "and like his kid got murdered and shit and fuck man, that's just... i mean i don't even know y'all should leave him the fuck alone or something because that's like.... fuck, man."

The Republican nominee implied last week that Ghazala Khan, mother of Capt. Humayun Khan, stood silently alongside her husband at the Democratic National Convention because, as a Muslim, she was restricted her from speaking. That comment and others Trump made about the family prompted criticism from fellow Republicans and demands for an apology from the families of fallen soldiers.

During his speech at last week's DNC, Humayun Khan's father, Khizr Khan, questioned whether Trump has read the Constitution, and said the billionaire businessman has "sacrificed nothing and no one," leading Trump to respond.

Pence said he understands and appreciates the attention given to Khan's family. But he doesn't understand "look i don't fucking, why we're all up on this guy on CNN or whatever, when there's this kid, like his mom, y'know the dude who's, he was with the Air Force. Sean Smith, right? His mom is sad. His mom is sad too. 'cause he's dead and nobody talks about that shit though."

Pence said much of the same media criticizing Trump earlier condemned Patricia Smith's speech at the GOP convention about the U.S. information officer killed in the 2012 attack in Benghazi.

"Fucking news people just... fucking respect the dead kids, right? Fuck CNN." he said.

On Tuesday, Trump's son, Eric Trump, said his father's comments have been "blown out of proportion." Speaking Tuesday to CBS This Morning, Eric Trump said his father is "a great patriot," who "doesn't want to see more Americans dead."